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team leader

team leader (Photo credit: kairin)

Here are my conclusions from the seven blogs previously published on leadership development in contact centres:

◾A regular observation in contact centres is that team leaders are the most important people in the centre. However, leaders in these roles often receive little or no development, either before their appointment or when they are in place
◾In many cases the job of the team leader has become more complex. The lack of development of team leaders can have harmful impacts on contact centre performance; including customer service, performance management, employee morale and staff retention levels
◾Senior managers in contact centres should check the effectiveness of team leader development within their own areas of influence. They can do this by reference to the principles outlined in these blogs which are based on John Adair’s work. They should assess their own contact centres’ position in each area

◾By way of reference, the principles that Adair highlights are in the areas of selection, training, mentoring, giving leaders ‘the chance to lead,’ leadership education and senior manager buy-in
◾Finally, there is a need for the contact centre, within the wider organisation, to have a clear strategy for team leader development. This should be reviewed regularly to make sure it is consistent with what is required from the role holder.