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Leadership (Photo credit: glennharper)

We have been discussing how organisations, and particularly contact centres, should develop new leaders given the importance of front-line and team leaders in any operation.

A key part of any leadership development strategy is that senior management support it and show they support it. John Adair makes the following point:

‘Where the top strategic leader is not involved in or committed to the work of developing leadership, in my experience, you may as well forget it.’

Senior managers must play an active part to make the strategy work.

If it is part of the leadership development process that team leaders have regular one-to-ones, mentoring and appraisals, then the person at the head of the organisation must engage in these processes with their direct reports. Moreover, it does no harm at all for the senior manager to discuss the importance of growing team leaders in their communications and have a presence on the agenda on development programmes, such as training events.

This will be difficult given all the other responsibilities senior managers have but the return from supporting the leadership development strategy will be worth the effort.