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Strategy (Photo credit: stefan.erschwendner)

Growing leaders is a strategic priority for a successful business. John Adair writes:

Effective leadership, I believe, is too important for the present and future success of the business to be left to the human resources department. It is a core activity to grow leaders.’

To develop a strategy for team leader development, or review one that is in place, there are questions that need to be asked:

  • Is there sufficient focus on selecting the right team leaders?
  • Are the results of the selection processes built into subsequent development programmes?
  • Do newly appointed team leaders receive training covering the skills they will need to successfully lead?
  • Are there processes for mentoring new team leaders? Do line managers effectively mentor their team leaders?
  • Is there a balance between training and ‘in role’ development; such as appropriate project work or secondment?
  • Are there any opportunities for team leaders to develop outside of the organisation? For example, completing external courses.
  • How is the overall leadership development strategy evaluated for effectiveness?
  • How do senior managers in the organisation play a part in showing they sponsor the strategy?

The contact centre world is a small one. Organisations that are good at developing leaders and have a strategy in place become known and admired. It just makes it a bit easier for these organisations to attract good people.

To be effective the strategy must be regularly reviewed to ensure it remains relevant; what is needed in team leader roles changes quickly in the contact centre environment.