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Listen, Understand, Act

Listen, Understand, Act (Photo credit: highersights)

Here’s a good way to use call coaching to improve performance and provide better customer service.

Thinking about a contact centre I used to work in. There were 400 advisors. Advisors had 2 calls coached per week; either by their team leader or contact centre coach. That was over 700 calls per week (on the assumption not everyone was there all the time).

Team leaders and contact centre coaches got together on a Friday morning. They discussed the following about the calls they’d heard:

  • Where customers had complained, what was the issue?
  • Where had there been repeat calls (where the customer had to ring back about the same issue), what has caused them?
  • Which aspects of product knowledge had agents struggled with? (often the features of a new product or a rate / price change)
  • What had caused customers to be put on hold?
  • What technology problems had they seen in their side-by-side coaching?

Then they developed an action list and provided feedback to the department in question.

Repeat calls started at 27% and were reduced to a few. It seemed a shame not to get the most out of the 36000 calls that were listened to each year.