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Dollar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s odd how companies prioritise the money they spend.

I took out a savings plan with an investment company. Now hardly a week goes by without one of their glossy brochures hitting the door mat. Activity is even more intense than usual with the tax year coming to a close. Another 15-page brochure arrived yesterday. They have adverts in all the newspapers.

Try ringing their contact centre.

I rang last week as I haven’t had a statement for a while. It took a long time to get through. In discussion, the advisor mentioned they are short of staff. He promised to pass the request for a statement to the ‘back-office’ for processing. It hasn’t arrived.

Perhaps they are short of staff in the back-office also.

Tom Peters tells a story of a store near him where they spent half a million dollars on renovation. The staff attitude was poor before the improvements and remained the same after. (‘The Little Big Things’).

Tom recommends that money is diverted from the capital expenditure budget to the people budget (recruiting, perks, pay, extra staffing and the like).

Perhaps the same should be done with the marketing budget. What’s the point of it? If you are so hard to do business with, no-one in their right mind would buy a second time.

Here’s an idea for my investment company. Why not cut the number of glossy brochures by 50% and increase the staff in your contact centre?