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I’ve become addicted to the new Kindle that turned up at Christmas; downloading tons of material on customer service, contact centres, consulting and the stock market (my banking background).

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There’s a fantastic little book that I came across. It’s called ‘Make Your Idea Matter’ by Bernadette Jiwa. It’s possibly the best £1.94 I’ve spent.

Any manager in customer services, consultant or entrepreneur will get a great deal from the book.

Those of you who like Seth Godin will also like this. Indeed there are words of praise by Seth in the introduction to the book.

The chapters are very short but insightful.

There is an excellent chapter, ‘Advertising Is Not Real Marketing,’ which says more about customer service in 130 words than most books on the subject.

‘What Should Your Website Do?’ gives a totally different perspective on the subject.

The chapter ‘Well-Designed Moments Build Brands’ sums up brilliantly what should happen when things go wrong for customers.

There is also advice on the ‘Nine Elements to the Perfect Pitch’ for those selling their products and services.

The book gives an introduction to a time management/productivity approach called Pomodoro which is proving very useful.

For a short book, I’ve spent a lot of time reading it and thinking about the messages.