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Work In Progress

Work In Progress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s a growing body of business literature promoting the idea that ‘little and often unconnected actions, can make a massive difference’……the ‘art of nudgery’ as Tom Peters puts it.

Nudgery is quick to implement, inexpensive and is best when lots of actions take place at once.

Here are some examples of nudgery in contact centres:

  • Extend monthly Team Leader meetings by one hour for development – ask internal or external contacts to lead
  • Ask Managers / Team Leaders to discuss domestic issues at their daily ‘buzz’ sessions as well as performance – office tidiness, standard of cleaning, clear desk policy, quality of canteen food, reception area, coffee machines…then improve
  • Invite staff members to monthly managers meetings to promote an improvement idea they have come up with – implement
  • Ask one team to record brief details of any instance where the customer has already called about the same issue – collate results and eliminate repeat call reasons; one by one
  • Make sure the Senior Manager presents at each induction course – Senior Manager to ask new starters to describe their recruitment experience in detail
  • Organise a monthly meeting with the people who do call coaching – what was the biggest area of product knowledge difficulty this month? Take action to improve
  • Use social media to for internal communication. Involve staff in set-up and running
  • Ask at least one ‘staff champion’ to be part of each project team
  • At Manager / Team Leader meetings start by ringing the contact centre – where can the first impressions callers receive be improved?
  • Identify which internal department is causing the contact centre the most issues (Sales, IT, Collections, Field Engineers). Invite them to a regular meeting with contact centre agents. Repeat as required