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Plastic shopping bags
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Here are the top 10 things I’ve experienced recently as a customer that have left me wondering if, after all the talk and hype, it’s getting any better out there. I’m sure you can add to the list, so please leave a comment:

  1. Self –service check outs at supermarkets – surely the ultimate device designed by someone who had no intention of ever using them
  2. Telephone IVR systems – that ask you to enter your account number only for the advisor to immediately ask for your….. account number….
  3. Anything to do with garages, car servicing, body shops and the like – on balance, the more sincere the staff, the scarier…..
  4. Mobile broadband that only works properly 20% of the time – heaven knows they all paid enough for their 3G licences and it is 2010…..it should be working by now
  5. Hotels that charge for a wireless connection – hey, I have an idea……why not £3-50 for a bath or £2-00 for half an hour of electricity?
  6. Power leads that don’t fit into the laptop – even though the laptops and power leads were made by the same company
  7. Supermarkets where there are 4 times as many staff stacking shelves and looking important as serving customers – OK, getting the tins facing the same way is important…but on balance…..
  8. Shops that charge 1p for a carrier bag – (OK, I know the environment has to be saved…..)
  9. Cabin crew on planes – who watch passengers struggle with heavy bags – while sitting at the back discussing their night out….
  10. ‘Welcome’ messages at the start of train journeys that make you feel a bit like a criminal – ‘welcome aboard the 8 o’clock….oh by the way, if you haven’t got the right ticket and you’re travelling on a super apex off-peak saver, all sorts of nasty things are going to happen to you.’

I wonder if we’ll ever fight back?

Picture by Tim Simms